Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Are you concerned about getting older?

I was sewing over the weekend. I tend to do this in my bedroom out of the way of the family (occasionally I take over the dining room but Mr Lil Pip sort of has issues with that!). We have a tv in the bedroom so I like to put it on for background noise. I think I had it on Foxtel’s Lifestyle channel.

During a break in my sewing I looked up – young, gorgeous, model type talking about ‘us’ all being concerned about ageing and pimping some miracle cream. It got me thinking. Are ‘we’ all concerned about ageing? Do you have a daily face regime that is going to ‘cure’ your natural laugh lines? Do you buy certain products to reduce lines or plump your skin?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say you should or shouldn’t be using these creams. I guess I’m just not really that worried about getting old. 

My wonderful parents and tiny babies taken 4 years ago by Lee Bird Photography
I actually had a conversation with my beautiful mum last year and told her that she looks incredible for her age. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I honestly think mum looks amazing. She has recently let her hair go grey (after dying it for as long as I can remember). I think she looks exactly as she should. My beautiful mum and amazing grammy to my owlets. If I look as good as she does when I get to her age, then I will be happy (although the reality is that I won’t considering we look absolutely nothing alike. Like nadda. Nothing. Zip lol). Yes she has wrinkles (sorry mum!) but why shouldn’t she? They are a result of years of laughing, crying, frowning and living. It would look weird if she didn’t.

So I’m curious. Are you concerned about getting older? Do you use products in an attempt to prevent the ageing process? Or are you wearing your age with pride!

No anti-ageing creams here. Just the regular daily face regime for me. Bring on the wrinkles!

(Gee I hope mum doesn't mind me a) posting a photo of her here and b) talking about her wrinkles lol)


  1. I buy certain products (which aren't cheap, but a little goes a loooong way) but I buy them for reasons other than aging (I had acne as a teenager and have very spotty blotchy skin). I guess the fact they probably help with 'the signs of aging' is a bonus. The dermatologist once told me that one of the benefits of having greasy, acne prone skin is that I will probably wrinkle less. Oh, and he said to always wear big sunglasses...that's enough of a regime for me!

  2. I don't use any products. I was putting on eye cream for a while but ran out. Now I don't see any difference since stopping.
    I am scared of getting old though. I am scared of my family getting old, my nan dying, my mum and dad dying etc

  3. I have dry skin so I moisturise but nothing else I'm not fussed better old than dead is my theory :) your mum looks like a beautiful loving grandmother :)

  4. Nada. Most days I don't even wash my face before bed (much to my mother's dismay). I earn each laugh or worry line, and anti-aging stuff just isn't a priority!


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