Friday, June 22, 2012

Pin it Friday

I'm so slack, I haven't posted a Pin it Friday for ages. Sure as heck, I'm still pinning!

Source: $5 pattern sale so bought these for
Miss 3 to make for summer

Source: I'm planning on making these for Christmas markets. Cute?

Source: I would LOVE to have one of these. Not too hard to
make but I don't even have room to put it anywhere!

Source: I so want to try this for a few of Master 5's pants.
He is going up but not out!

Source: Master 5 has decided on a Lego themed party this year. FUN!
I'm just pinning away as I see things.
What style of pinner are you?
a) Go to Pinterest and just pin things your friends have
b) Go to Pinterest and search for something you want
c) Pin as you go from blogs or websites you visit

I'm more an option c to be honest. I don't go into Pinterest on a daily basis but I'm forever pinning things from blogs so I don't forget about them and can find them when I want to.

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