Tuesday, August 18, 2015

When Quiet Play meets Hour Basket and matchstick quilting ...

You may have seen this shared on my Instagram. I hope that everyone will indulge me when I gush over this one! Have you created something that you are just so incredibly proud of? That you look at and think 'I actually made that!!'. Well this in my project.

I made this for a swap - my partner was Leanne from Sewn by Leanne (go and take a look at what she made me and some crazy silly photos I sent her which are now out there - eeeekkk lol!!!)

Leanne shares my love of Cotton and Steel. Her sewing space is in her kitchen (mine is my bedside table!) so I was mindful not to make something that was too out there and could happily sit in a kitchen or sewing space.

I saw this amazing paper-piecing by Kristy at Quiet Play and knew Leanne would appreciate it (ya kinda want the person who receives it to know about the hours that goes into it!! Not quite as easy as it looks!). 

This is the panel when I finished. I decided it was a bit flat. It needed something but I wasn't quite sure what. 

I haven't mastered free motion quilting yet but when I googled straight stitching, I stumbled across the idea of 'matchstick' quilting. Basically straight(ish) lines really close to each other. 

It gave me the opportunity to play with my new Aurifil cottons (thanks to MsMidge) and I went to town with all the different colours. I can't even begin to tell you what amazing texture this gives the basket. You just can't help but touch it. It does have an added bonus with the handles standing up nice and firmly there.

All it needed was a little more C&S for the lining. 

Honestly, I can't even begin to describe how hard it was to send this one. Lucky it was going to a very deserving person (seriously I'm joking here people!).

Stay tuned in the next few days as I share the other couple of things I made to add to the parcel. 


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