Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Selfish Swap

When I saw the Selfish Swap from my friend Abby from Things for Boys, I just had to laugh. Then sign up! Abby is a crack up and this is totally her humour. 

So make something... anything... for yourself! 

My partner (wink wink) made this amazing (if I do say so) selvage/selvedge* hour basket (previously I have made a denim one). 

I'm told, that this took WAY longer than an hour. My swap partner planned to make this all along and then Ros aka Sew Delicious made one - SOLD! Plus provided a handy tutorial, too easy.

I love looking at the two different sides, remembering what I made (whoops, what my partner made, man this is getting confusing). Looking at what would now be OPP (out of print) and possibly sell for a mint. Some are from 2010 when I first started my business and some are recent purchases. 

I'm really not a pink person. Like at all. For me personally. But for my business, I use it a lot. Hard to avoid as little girls tend to love pink! I do make sure we have plenty of green, purple and red too. 

I wouldn't usually like something with pink in it but in this case it is showing all the beautiful fabrics and the cool selvedges.

So thank you swap partner. I absolutely love it. A home for my growing quilting fat quarter stash. 

[Finally, I now know - selvage is US and selvedge is British. Thanks Wikipedia.]


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