Monday, July 6, 2015

Strip baby boy quilt

I thought I would share a quilt I made a couple of years ago. I don't think I took any other photos than this one. I just stumbled across it recently and thought I would share it. 

Looking back, it is actually a really cool quilt. I know the mum I made it for (my best friend) loves it so I guess that's all that matters. Most of the fabric I bought from Spotlight and I literally just sewed together the strips at the different widths and did some straight line quilting. 

You can see that I took it to an embroidery place and had his name added. A cute touch don't you think?

I wanted something that would last for many years. Beyond the baby stage so I specifically choose graphic rather than 'baby' fabrics.

If you check out my Inspiration for Quilts Pinterest Board, you will see I have quite a few examples of this style as I really love the simplicity of it. 

I want to make one for my son but need it to be double size. Thinking I might do similar but create it into four mega 'blocks' and then rotate it. Make sense? Check out this quilt by Sew Its Finished for my vision!


  1. Love the blues and greens. It would look great in quarters

  2. Great colour choices for a quilt that will last past babyhood.


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