Friday, May 8, 2015

Quiet Play Flamingo Paper Piecing

For some insane reason I thought I would try my hand at paper piecing. 

Actually though, paper piecing is really fun. It's kinda a paint by numbers sewing. BUT I possibly choose the hardest pattern to start with. 

Kristy from Quiet Play is releasing a block each month that will in the end create an entire zoo animal quilt. Each block is only free that month - so sorry if you love my 'mingo' as you will need to pay a couple of dollars now for her. There are plenty of other introductory blocks to try (through her Craftsy shop), which is what I should have done. 

I want to try the pencils or books - perfect for teacher gifts or school aged presents and my son would go nuts for some of the Lego ones (too many to link so check out the store). 

Now I just need to make this one into a cushion for my daughters bed. Or maybe a mini hanging quilt (she already has a collection of cushions). She has a couple of 'mingo' things in her room. Really what little girl wouldn't love an animal that is actually pink!!

 Anyone else tried Paper Piecing - have some recommendations for me to try?


  1. Love it, I made the koala into a cushion for oscar.

  2. I've only done a little Foundation Paper Piecing. Each time I have to concentrate to get my head around the first couple of seams, then I'm right. Your flamingo looks great.


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