Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cross Stitch Block

I'm so behind in my blogging lately. My camera is kinda broken. It has this little fuzzy spot on the pictures. Perhaps a scratch on the lense. So unfortunately it is bad iPhone photos until I can get it fixed or replace it. 

So just a quick one to show you another Quilt Block Boot Camp block - the Cross Stitch Block (too many 'blocks' in that sentence) by Pile o Fabric.

I loved putting this one together and love the end result. I probably need some sashing around the edges to make this a larger cushion. For the moment it is just sitting there waiting to see what I will do with it (actually have a bag of little quilty projects like that now!!)

Picked these three fabrics up in a discount bin with no selvages so I don't know what they are. I wish I could find more of the floral one as it is lovely! Any suggestions?

Until next time (and promise this isn't turning into a quilting blog!). 

1 comment:

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