Thursday, April 23, 2015

Birthday gift ideas with Sarah Lauren

I'm thrilled to bring you a series of blog posts with different ideas to use ribbon and supplies from Sarah Lauren. If you are like me, you will get lost  in her website (seriously - I LOVE ribbon!) so I've included a supplies list at the end. 

This is my regular go-to gift idea for all the various parties my socialite Miss 6 seems to get invited to.

Two age-appropriate books - I think these are both Billie B Brown chapter books. We have a little local bookstore in our suburb which I like to support and they offer little return cards to pop inside the front cover. That way the birthday girl can easily return if she has duplicates.

On top I usually include a hair accessory of some type. The little covered button hair tie is in the school colours which is practical but not terribly exciting so I included this little 'tuxedo bow' hair clip. 

If you want to make one they are super easy.


  1. Cut one length of 22mm grosgrain ribbon to 8 inches (bottom ribbon). Fold in half and make a crease or mark a line with a pencil. 
  2. Fold each end in to meet in the middle on a dab of hot glue. 
  3. Cut another length of 22mm grosgrain ribbon to 6 inches (top ribbon). Repeat above instructions. Note: I wanted to position the ladybug and the love words so I think it was a little smaller or bigger than 6 inches!
  4. Glue one on top of the other at the middle point. 
  5. Cover your chosen clip with 9mm ribbon (remember to heat seal each end) and glue to the folded ribbons on the back (see below photo). 
  6. Choose your favourite slider (diamante buckle on top), thread the 9mm ribbon through. Place on top and glue on the reverse. Again you will need to heat seal the exposed ribbon end. 

How awesome is this Quatrefoil ribbon!!!

Special thanks to Sarah Lauren (aka Janine) for the supplies to play with. Be sure to head over and take a look at her amazing range. I seriously would love to have a coffee break in her studio/workspace!!


  1. Looks great! My daughter loves Billie B Brown books.

  2. Great gift idea, Jane! I've shared in on And Sew We Craft today. Sorry for the delay, we had a bit of a backlog of tutorials :)

  3. Books and hair accessories - both great gifts. A beautiful clip, Jane. Featured today...


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