Thursday, March 19, 2015

Pattern Review: Melly and Me, Buttercup bunny

I have a bit of a blogger crush on Melanie McNeice aka Melly and Me. I met her a few years ago at a craft retreat and just love what she does. She has supported me a couple of times on my little old blog which I am truly grateful for. Especially now she is like, totally a super star fabric designer for Riley Blake!! (*wink wink*). She has a new fabric line out 'Wildflower Meadows' which is just adorable. I better get my hands on some of that! It includes an cute pre-printed fabric pattern for the 'Flower the Happy Hedgehog' bag. Adooo-ra-ble!!

I have to stop taking photos at dusk when I get
home from work!! She is much brighter in reality!

Which brings me to Buttercup bunny. 

This 'pattern' if you can call it that comes as printed pieces on a fabric panel, just a matter of cutting out all the bits and pieces and following the instructions to put it together. 

If you are experienced toy maker (am !??) you will find this a fairly quick and easy sew - and I love that! There were a few things that I did a little differently than the instructions which was more a matter of preference than a right or wrong way to do things. 

I just love that when she is all sewn together that's it - usually that's when I start all the hand embroidery. So if that isn't your strength or is holding you back from toy making - give these a try!

Things I would suggest if you are going to make this cute little bunny (and what I would do next time):
  • pop the little hair bow on a clip so your recipient can wear it and match her bunny
  • after joining the lining to the top part of the dress and before making the casing, sew a little hem for the casing so it doesn't put out (and since I didn't finish this edge, it may potentially fray)
  • I would recommend jumbo ricrac if you have it. Or you could try a little lace
  • I also top stitched the skirt to the 'bodice' (you can see in the pic below), just a finishing touch.

If you would like to try it out - I found some available here at Fabric Pixie, just $12 a panel!!

I'll be looking for more of this style of 'pattern' - certainly fun and easy. 

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