Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bowling set - catching up, finally!

Remember my Sewing Challenge last year. As a way to teach my next door neighbour sewing, I set monthly challenges. Only I didn't quite finish each month myself!!

This bowling set was all complete, just need to do the final ladder stitch on each piece. It is something I was determine to finish for the kids over the summer school holidays and it did come in handy for entertainment. 

The pattern is the "I heart Bowling" pattern by Birdiful Stitches via Etsy or You Can Make This.

I did add some heavy interfacing to the bottom circle to help the pins stand up straighter. While it helped a little, I think I might open the stitches (ahhhhh) and add in some weights. Even a couple of coins would help I think. You have to stand them together to stay up and that doesn't satisfy my fussy 8yo and 6yo bowlers. 

I grabbed this fabric out of my stash, not realising it was the incredible coveted Outfoxed by Lizzy House in the Outplayed colourway (from circa 2011 I think - overview on The Fabric Shopper blog here). I do have a little left and think I might need to use it for the Quilt Block Boot Camp I joined. Those little hedgehogs would be great fussy cut. 

This makes a great gift for kids of all ages and a fantastic rainy day activity for them. It would make a great addition to the Lil Pip imaginative play toy collection but unfortunately I don't think anyone would pay what I would need to charge - these guys take up a lot of toy fill!

You will never believe how hard it was to get an action shot!!


  1. Interesting about you needing to add weights, Jane. I have a similar pattern by Aussie, Nittens and Patches. I'll bear that in mind when I make mine closer to Christmas. Yours look fabulous!!!


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