Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lil Pip Sew Box Purse - glam version with beading

I really wanted to make a glam version clutch. Something I could take to go out with my girlfriends. Something I know they will say - "Love your bag, where did you get it?". To which I can respond - I made it!! Yay!

This one was slightly more challenging and one you should approach carefully. 

Follow the instructions for the clutch already provided. I layered the lace over the outer fabric, sandwiching between the two pieces, pinned like crazy and sewed it together. I probably should have basted it together. 

This black lace was used on a bridesmaid dress my sister once wore. It must have cost a bit as my mum saved and gave me all the scraps of the lace and the silk. I love how the blue pops out underneath. 

Really expensive black lace and then a Spotlight quilted cotton on the reverse!

To sew the beads, simply follow the normal back stitch method and thread a bead or crystal in each stitch. This would have looked awesome with blue beads but I used what I had on hand. And therefore the reason they don't quite go all the way around. Oh well, I still love it!

What do you think? Will you make a little glam, evening clutch for yourself? I'm sure this wouldn't look out of place when I do the school run right?

Don't forget to share on social media (I love Instagram!) using the hashtag #lilpipsewboxpurse and check back throughout the week for other examples.

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