Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kids Clothing Week - Day 3

The theme of this years Kids Clothing Week is art. I knew that I just wasn't motivated (or cool, or can't be bothered or no time) to get the kids to create any art that would then be transformed into an item of clothing. I suppose I could just grab a tshirt and some fabric pens?

Anyway my interpretation of this theme was to let my two budding designers, draw what they wanted me to make.

I planned to make Master 7 two pairs of summer pajamas and this is what he drew. I will have one of them to share with you tomorrow.

See that pair on the right - think black and white strips with skull sleeves.

Miss 5 kinda went nuts when I asked her to design her own. I used the GORGEOUS little paper dolls that Rachael from ImagineGnats recently posted. I see now she has a boy version.

It is no surprises that Miss 5 included lots of pink and while I didn't really follow her designs, what I made was certainly inspired by what she drew. Thanks to Rachael, she was also entertained for an hour or so, colouring, cutting and sticking them all together. I love that she has all the different hair colours (including mummies red hair) and that they all have pretty pink smiles!

So this was my inspiration. I will be back tomorrow to share more of my creations.

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  1. Oh that's such a cute idea, and I really love the dolls, although if Madeleine could draw that well they'd all be princesses LOL


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