Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy New Year (can I say that in February?)

Hello my rather neglected blog. It is so nice to see you again. 

I'm very lucky with my 'real' job to be able to take 6 weeks off every summer holidays to look after my owlets. I always have the best intentions to do so many amazing things but after another hectic year, I was quite content relaxing and being with my family. And honestly, there is nothing wrong with that. I give myself permission for a good, long break!

Do you follow me in Instagram? I love the creative environment and it is a great way to be in the moment.

So a summary of sorts for you on the last month or so:
  • My youngest finished kinder and daycare (yes we have paid our last childcare fees - woohoo!)
  • My eldest declared he was having a sans-undies summer. OK .....
  • We went to Ballarat and stayed in an amazing Big 4 caravan park for a week. Loved every minute. Certainly going back. Especially since it is only an hour away.
  • Survived 'heat-week' in Melbourne with temperatures in the mid-40s all week and a very hot little house.
  • Managed a little sewing in preparation for my first markets in March (example above)
  • Lots of baking, trips to the zoo, playcentres, play dates, sleep overs, ice creams, slip 'n slides and general summer fun.
  • Over three days, completely cleaned out the entire house. Still need to tackle the pile of stuff to either sell or donate.  
The bag is almost bigger than her!

And just last week my little, baby girl (ok not so baby anymore) started school. She is so ready for 'big' school. No issues, no tears and no dramas. In fact the night before, daddy was tucking her into bed and said to her that he was proud of her and couldn't wait to take her to school the next day. Her response .... 'I can't wait to leave you behind' !! Yes we have raised a very confident and happy little girl.

I can't neglect mentioning this big boy too. He started Grade 2 and seems to have matured in front of my eyes the last few months.

Miss 4 (very soon to be 5) just loves her teacher and entertained us with what she did on her first day. We have a tradition to each talk about our day when we sit down to dinner. I usually don't get much out of Master 7 but wow, I really couldn't believe how much Miss 4 told us. Is it a girl thing? Or perhaps just very different children?

Yes mummy made special hair ties, clips and headbands

I can't help but share these photos. He may not have grown that much taller but he has certainly grown up. Thinner in the face and now won't show his teeth when he smiles as he is embarrassed by all the gaps (which mummy loves!).

In a couple of weeks I will be sharing some exciting news about Lil Pip. Curious? I hope so. I'm very excited! So stay tuned.


  1. Glad you are back blogging.
    If you are getting rid of any size 2 girls clothes I'll take 'em.

    Oh ad we stayed at the Big 4 in Ballarat and we had a great time. Mind you that was almost 12 month ago now and we are due another little get away I think.

  2. I love the pic of Master 7 in prep! Precious! All the best to your little girl :) Hope she will love school :)

  3. Such exciting times for your beautiful family <3 Especially love Missy reading her book and Mr 7's progression photos. Gorgeous <3

  4. Happy new Year, totally ok to say in Feb I took a break too and can't really seem to get crafting the heat in Melbourne has completely zapped my creative energy. Awesome news on the day care front I remember the first time I thought I was done with day care and kept wondering why I had so much cash. BTW you must be near me I'm about that far from Ballarat :)

    It's a girl thing to chatter my daughter never stops the boys just grunt these days (teens are just so fun LOL)


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