Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Are bloggers mini-celebrities?

I was thinking this morning about bloggers I admire and bloggers I have met. 

This is the crazy kind of photo which should never be shared online.
Meh oh well - me and Jodie from RicRac.

It is a kinda unique situation. By following a blog, you are able to read along with everything they share. Some are more private than others but most that I follow, I know all about their lives. Their husbands, their children and often their pets. Some share health or exercise journeys and I celebrate their achievements with them.

I love following along as they learn new crafts and I get to know what their favourite colours, fabrics and foods are. 

To me these people are mini-celebrities. At least in my world they are. But with all that is shared in the blogging world, I tend to know more about them than I know about 'real' celebrities. Ok I admit I don't really read mags and frankly don't care which latest celeb has a new love or old love or whatever but I do care about Jos from Sew, Cook, Laugh and Live recently climbing a mountain or reading along as Cam from Curly Pops recovers from her double lung transplant (she is offering free downloadable Christmas gift tags by the way).

Some of these 'celebrities' or can I call them blogebrities become friends through our interaction online and I now consider them friends in real life (hi Ros!!). I have been lucky enough to meet quite a lot of bloggers (read about the Sew Delicious Sewing Day here) and I'm not shy in going along to blogging events or networking with others.

You should have heard my squeal when Jess from CINO commented on an Instagram photo of mine one day - best day EVER!!!

So do you consider bloggers to be mini celebrities? Do you get a little thrill when you meet them in real life?


  1. Hi Jane *waves*. I am certainly no celebrity, but I do know what you mean. I have no interest in the lives of the Hollywood rich and famous but there are some bloggers who I love seeing what they are up to next. Online friendships have been a wonderful bonus of my time blogging too :) xox

  2. I have yet to meet a blogger in real life. Perhaps I live in the wrong part of the country...

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