Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung Giveaway Winners

I kinda went into hibernation this last week. I had blog fatigue and then also had a market on the weekend (will share some photos tomorrow). So sorry for the delay in announcing the winners!

Again I would like to thank my lovely sponsors. It was so overwhelming to have resounding 'yes' answers when I asked if they wanted to be involved. A very humbling experience.

So a round up of all the winners and I will be in touch soon with details about redeeming your prize.

Day 1: Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop

Tell me your favourite pattern and how you would make it?

And the winner is ....

Jenny W, who caught me with the sentimental aspect! Congratulations Jenny.

"The lil long johns are adorable. I would make it for my baby using stretchy shirts/dresses/skirts I'm no longer using so that they're not only sentimental, but the scent of mama will help him sleep!"

Day 2: The Oz Material Girls

Tell me which crafty club you would join and why? 

And the winner is ....

Pam from Threading my Way. Congratulations Pam, I never thought about the idea of seeing all the different designers. Great idea!
"I'd most like to join the FQ Bundle Fabric Crafty Club. At the end of the year, I'd have been introduced to 60 designer fabrics, many of which I wouldn't have come across otherwise. This would most possibly take me out of my comfort zone and force me to use fabrics I might not choose myself. Thanks for the chance to win - AWESOME giveaway!!!"

Day 3: Flirt Earrings 

Which is your favourite earrings, colour and where you would wear them? 

And the winner is ....

Kylie R, congratulations Kylie. I want photos of you wearing them cleaning the house!
"I love the Lacee in Pool, Kelsey in Crimson and Meldoy in jet black, They look so gorgeous and lightweight that I would wear them everywhere. As a stay at home mum that will most likely involve cleaning the house and school drop offs! I'm sure wearing these cuties will make those activities much more enjoyable."

Day 4: The Janelle Wind Collection

Tell me which pattern you think best reflects Spring and why? 

And the winners are ....

Prize 1: Jasmine B, loved the mental image of you sitting with your mum sipping tea! 
"Tea for two! Lovely spring breezes, blossom on the trees, sitting down with this set to enjoy a quiet cuppa with my Mum, perfect spring morning :) "
Prize 2: Debbie J, I love cherry blossom trees at this time of year too. 
"I think the Candy Girl pattern most reflects spring with the beautiful bright colours and flowers - reminds me of our lovely flowering cherry blossom tree  at this time of the year :-) "
Day 5: Patterns Only

Tell me which pattern you would like to choose for a Spring project and why? 

And the winner is ....

Melissa N, this answer literally made me crack up laughing. Thank you for putting a smile on my face!
"Thanks for the comp - I would put my hand up for A+ SKIRT A-LINE MAKE IT PERFECT PDF ePATTERN Sz 3xSml -2x lge. Yes I'll get the delightful "chub rub". Yes there's no doubt when the wind whips up I'll flash my knickers, but when someone asks did I make that awesome skirt I will say yes :) & be very proud of myself (before noticing that I've spilt something down the front LOL)."

Day 6: sewpony Vintage

Tell me what Spring means to you? 

And the winner is ....

Bridie P, you are certainly going to achieve a lot with all that list! Congratulations.
"Spring this year means lots of achievements for me - learning how to hand block fabric, finishing university, a major house clean and the birth of my baby boy. Oh and it means a bit of hayfever but lets focus on the positives!"

And one of my favourite projects from the Linky Party was from Alisa from A Stitch in Between who made this gorgeous basket for her new nephew. What says Spring more than new babies!?! Alisa, thank you for joining in the Spring fun even when you are heading into fall/autumn in Taiwan!

Thank you to everyone involved - bloggers, sponsors and readers!


  1. Woohoo!!! You've made my day. Thanks so much Jane, Cass and Louise!!!

  2. Oh wow! Sew excited, thank you ever so much <3

  3. Oh yay!! How exciting, some pretty earrings!

  4. Yey, thanks for the shout out! And congrats everyone on the prizes!


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