Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Pattern review: Bit of Whimsy Tommy T-Rex pattern

My beautiful boy doesn't get many photos here - why does he have to pull silly faces!

I’m always looking for special handmade things for boys. I kinda feel like the little men in our lives always miss out. There is just such an abundance of items for girls but not as much to choose from for boys. 

I have given this as a present to my two nephews when they each turned two and it is just perfect for dino loving boys. 

The pattern is simple in its construction so perfect for a beginner. The body is two parts, plus the arms and legs. I prefer to use jumbo ric rac as it is quicker to sew and provides another texture but there is an option for to you to make your own ‘spikes’ in the pattern. 

You do need to do a little hand embroidery on this if you don’t use button eyes (which I wouldn’t for the under three year olds). Bit of Whimsy shows you how to sew the eyes for the Lily Lamb pattern on YouTube which is a great resource. I do mine slightly differently but it is a good starting point. 

Such a poser!
If you intend on making these to sell – be very careful and read the Terms of Use. In summary, you have to source the designer on your tags (which I do for everything I make anyway), you can only sell five of items (not just five dinos, but five of any of the patterns) and you can not alter the pattern at all or put your own creative spin on them. Very limiting so be careful.    

Will I make this again? - absolutely. These are quite popular at my markets and I love giving them as gifts.

Will I make this to sell for Lil Pip? – I already do!

Pattern: Tommy T Rex via Bit of Whimsy website or YouCanMakeThis  or Etsy

Fabric: Shown in these pictures is just a spot from Spotlight plus ric rac but I have made all sorts of combinations to sell.  

Difficulty (1-10 scale with 1 being easy and 10 hard): 4 or 5 with the hand embroidery. 

Time: again, I always have a production line so it is hard to say but I think from cutting to completion would be an hour or less if you make a few.


  1. So cute! I agree it can be hard to find boy things.

  2. Super cute, Jane! You are so right... there are many more girls' patterns than boys and that's probably because of demand. I'd much rather sew for girls than boys. I'm not totally sure why.


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