Thursday, September 1, 2011

Spring has sprung

Spring is here, although you wouldn't really know it here in Melbourne. I guess it is getting warmer but it still was only 15 degrees yesterday. 

I have so many plans when the weather gets warmer. Hubby Owl and I were talking this morning about changing some of our garden around and adding some grass. At the moment it is just all vegetable garden (and we only have a tiny space) but I know the kids would love to roll around in the grass. It would only be small but worth it.

I would love to do a big spring clean too. Perhaps earn some money through a garage sale. Goodness know we have accumulated a lot of things over the years so it would be good to see some of it go. 

Oh and of course, I would love to create some lovely spring and summer things for my owlets. Dresses, skirts and shorts are in order me thinks.

Well I've inspired myself - so what are you planning?

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