Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Party Planning

I love it. The brainstorming, the planning, the invitations, the party games, decorations and baking. I just love the creative outlet. I'm a mean mummy and even 'steer' my little owlets towards certain themes!!

So Master soon to be 5 will be having his birthday in October. It is an alien theme. Here are a few ideas (thank you Pinterest!).
Softie from Melly and Me
I love the ease of this cake! So cool!

Miss 2 is turning 3 in February. Yes people, I'm already thinking that far ahead! She adores dancing and thinks she is a ballerina. I know she would love a ballerina party but we might save that for after she actually starts lessons next year! Instead, I think we might have a princess party. That way we can have a prince and princess party to involve her big brother!

Here is some of the inspiration:
Paper Glitter from etsy
The Party Princesses in the UK
So am I the only one that plans birthday parties to the finest detail? (Oh for the record my owlets only get a 'big' party every second year, alternative years are just small, family or one or two friends affairs).

Feel free to share your alien/space or princess party ideas. I'm still in idea stage!!


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