Monday, August 8, 2011

Celebrating with ...

LA Crafts

This month I celebrate my first birthday (and my own birthday but that's another blog post!). I'm celebrating with my friends and suppliers of all owly goodness. The first is Amanda from LA Crafts.

Amanda is a gorgeous girl who lives in the middle of nowhere! I was so lucky to meet her when I went on a craft retreat in May. Here she shares a little about herself.

Jane: Tell me a little about you?
AmandaI am a stay at home mum to Sophie, 2 ½. I live in rural South Australia in a community surrounded by a gorgeous river, vineyards and a nice relaxed atmosphere. I started my business after my daughter was born and I wanted unique pieces of clothing and accessories for her and not the commercial items that are around everywhere.

J: How did LA Crafts come about?
A: I started making a few things for Sophie, more and more family and friends kept asking for them and then someone suggested I started selling, so I guess you could say it wasn’t my idea but I am happy I had the encouragement from family and friends to push me in this direction

J: What is your biggest, creative achievement (share photos if you can)?
A: The items I am most proud of at the moment is my vests. It took quite a few trys at the zips and fit to get things right, I am very suprised at how popular they have been. (J: I'm not! They are gorgeous!)

J: Living in the Riverland of SA, what are your challenges?
A: The main challenge of living in a rural community is that it is hard to find everything you need, my local fabrics stores are a great help with common products that I need but don't stock everything I need to run La Crafts, so therefore I need to order online and wait for the items to arrive.

J: What would you like to be doing in 5 years?
A: I would still love to be doing what I am now with La Crafts but have a greater customer base and hopefully become too busy to do it all myself and to employ other stay at home mums.

J: What’s next for your business? Any new and exciting things for Spring/Summer?
A: I am currently working on a new Ruffle Top, a romper for the little men in your life and re-vamping some of the older styles. There will also be some new dresses in the Spring/Summer range, although not new to the handmade community, I feel with these additions I can cater for a broader range.

J: Finally, what do you think would make a good Boobook name? (or a few!) 
A: At the moment the name that comes to mind is Joy- as I think the Boobooks will provide many hours of fun & joy for your little one. Joy is also my treasured Aunts name.

Thank you Amanda for sharing a little about you!


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