Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scrappy Doll Journey Begins

I'm part of an amazing and inspiring group of women called The Sewing Sisterhood. We had a crazy idea to all contribute a square of fabric and make something from it. And so 'Scrappy Doll' was created.

The amazingly talented Belinda from Little Sew & Sews collected all the fabric and made this beautiful doll from a Dolls and Daydreams pattern (check out Sarah's blog post from today - she is thrilled about it).

Can you spot which fabric was mine?
She is currently traveling around Western Australia before coming (by plane!) to Melbourne to visit me. I can't wait to meet her, take lots of crazy photos and blog about her in a couple of weeks. She will then head to Queensland, back through New South Wales, Victoria (again!) and to South Australia.

Scrappy Doll

Finally, she will be auctioned off for charity in December with a story of her journey. So exciting.

Follow her journey on The Sewing Sisterhood blog.  

Jane x

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