Thursday, July 7, 2011

Looking to Spring!

I know it seems crazy that we are right in the middle of winter and I'm already thinking of spring and summer! Don't get me wrong, winter is actually my favourite time of the year. I do in fact, love the cold. I love dressing up in my boots, long overcoat and scarves. I'm also rather partial to a good hat or beanie and own quite a few. My latest purchase was two owl 'bee-neez' for my lovely owlets from Itty Bitty Bee-Neez and one regular one for me (I'm not sure I'm young enough to carrying off wearing an owl on my head).

I digress.

I'm already thinking ahead, planning, plotting and designing (in my head!) what I want to make for spring and summer. It will feature lots of owls, of course! I'm thinking of bringing back some old favourites and I certainly have plans for lots of new goodies!

Some hints perhaps?

Alexander Henry - Hoot and Loot

Hoo's in the Forest in blue

Hoo's in the Forest in pink


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